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Groundhog Day: Boston 2014 Eve


You know the movie, with Bill Murray.

This past year has been Groundhog’s Day for me. I have relived 4.15.2013 and all the emotions that surround it over and over again. I’ve trained with these emotions all season long.

I will think about all of them tomorrow on my run. I will literally…

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Wearing heels the night before a marathon is dumb!!! I must say the streets of North End Boston are silky smooth!

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Anonymous asked: Mind if I pick your brain? Do you have any character on the opposite side of the spectrum that, in your mind, deserves positive recognition as much as Hans deserved to be called out on his negative qualities?



One that specifically comes to mind is Tiana because I identify with her a lot. It upsets me that she doesn’t get a lot of recognition other than being slapped on merchandise in her sparkly outfit she only appears in for 2 minutes of the movie behind the army of other princesses (How many are there now, like 13?! And when the heck did Mulan and Poca become princesses??). Anyway, I really appreciate the fact that Disney created a likeable workaholic whose character development is centered around her dream of owning a restaurant and the various obstacles she has to face in order to get there. She has her whole future planned out and then fate says NOPE HAHA and she has to remember why she wants what she does in the first place, while learning from new and unexpected experiences. The movie shows that yes, it is admirable to have a goal and a dream, but it is also important to remember to live at the same time (her friends being disappointed that she can’t go dancing, her mother’s desire for her to be happy, etc.). It was about time that Disney created a leading woman of color, and I think she was executed well. I get so mad when people criticize people for liking Tiana “just because she is black” or that girls can’t like or dress up as Tiana because they are white. Yes, people may identify with her because of her skin color, but she represents a certain hardworking kind of person of all races and backgrounds can sympathize with. 

"I remember Daddy told me, fairy tales can come true. But you’ve got to make them happen, it all depends on you."

I mean. that line. THAT LINE. 

Dream your dreams, then work your butt off to make them come true.